Luxury Boathouse Builder & Pile Driving Expert

Innovative Marine Solutions is a luxury boat house builder specializing in Galveston Bay, Dickinson Bay, Dickinson Bayou, San Leon, Bacliff, Kemah, Clear Lake Shores, and surrounding areas.

We take the safety and well-being of your boat very seriously. As Galveston County’s premier waterfront construction service company we can build you a custom boat house, pier, and boat lift that will increase the value and appearance of your waterfront property.

Whether you are looking to build a brand new boathouse or rebuild and repair an existing boathouse, our experienced design team will work directly with you to put together the perfect plans that offer the protection your boat needs so you can relax and enjoy the water lifestyle.

We offer several vibrant color options for the metal, composite, tile, and shingled roofs we build over our marine structures. When we are done, your boat house will be an extension of your home and any of the comforts you may need to go with it.

luxury pier and dock builder | Innovative Marine Solutions

Building Boat & Jet Ski Lifts

We believe your boat lift should have the same attention to detail as the watercraft it holds. We install the industry’s leading boat lifts, designed for years of trouble-free use in Texas’s harsh, corrosive, saltwater conditions. All our boat lifts are marine-grade aluminum or stainless steel for the best appearance and longest life.

Legacy Boat Lifts 4K, 7.5K, 10K, 13K, 16K

  • Cradle Lifts
  • Sling Lifts
  • Stainless Steel Lifts
  • Beamless Lifts
  • Elevator Lifts
  • Custom Boat Houses
  • Jet Ski Lifts
  • Various Dock & Lift Accessories

Expert Pile-Driving Services

Did you know that pile driving has been a construction method utilized since before humankind was literate? While we’ve certainly refined our materials, engineering, and installation processes, pile-driving is still an effective and vital part of successful waterfront construction.

Innovative Marine Solutions is on standby to provide experienced, professional pile-driving services in marinas, canals, lakes, and ponds for residential, commercial, and municipal clients in Galveston Bay, Dickinson Bay, Dickinson Bayou, San Leon, Bacliff, Kemah, Clear Lake Shores, and surrounding areas.

Pile driving is the process of installing a pile—a braced, structural column—into the ground without first excavating the area. These piles are driven, pushed, or otherwise installed into the ground.

Our Pile Installation Process

Innovative Marine Solutions can install wood, steel, concrete, and fiberglass piles ranging from 6” to 14” in diameter.

Treated wood piles are the most common and economical type of pile used in coastal construction. They can be square or round in cross-section and are easily cut and adjusted in the field. Concrete piles are more expensive but stronger and more durable. Steel and fiberglass are used pending the needs of each location and guidance from the engineer.

We work closely with all engineers, surveyors, and permitting entities to ensure the entire project is done with the utmost quality.

New To Waterfront Construction?

Know Your Marine Lingo

  • Bulkhead – A raised structure (usually made of vinyl, wood, or concrete) built to protect the shore from erosion.

  • Pile – A long slender column (usually made of wood, steel, or composite) driven into the ground to support a vertical load.

  • Whaler – Horizontal supports that are usually 4”x 6”, 4”x 8”, or 6”x 6”.

  • Deadman – An anchor pile usually 6” to 8” in diameter and 8’ to 10’ in length. Or a helical earth anchor 6”, 8”, or 10” based on the engineer’s specifications.

  • Tie Rod – A ¾” galvanized rod used as a connecting member from the piling to the deadman.

  • Cap – Usually wood or composite decking.