Custom Floating Dock Builder

Innovative Marine Solutions offer a full line of Wave Armor premium modular floating docking systems to Galveston Bay, Dickinson Bay, Dickinson Bayou, San Leon, Bacliff, Kemah, Clear Lake Shores, and surrounding areas.

We’ve chosen to install Wave Armor docks as they provide the most advanced generation of modular floating dock systems AND a 10 YEAR manufacturer’s warranty. As a bonus, all floating dock systems are 100% foam-filled with closed-cell foam.

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Floating Docks Are A Perfect Solution For

  • Jet Ski ports
  • Boat ports
  • Pontoon boat ports
  • Docks
  • Piers
  • Kayak ports
  • Otter islands

When constructing a dock or floating dock, your material options are almost endless—and customized to meet your specific needs and budget requirements. Our team will be right there, assisting you through the entire design, construction, and installation process.

Highly experienced

Know Your Marine Lingo

  • Bulkhead – A raised structure (usually made of vinyl, wood, or concrete) built to protect the shore from erosion.

  • Pile – A long slender column (usually made of wood, steel, or composite) driven into the ground to support a vertical load.

  • Whaler – Horizontal supports that are usually 4”x 6”, 4”x 8”, or 6”x 6”.

  • Deadman – An anchor pile usually 6” to 8” in diameter and 8’ to 10’ in length. Or a helical earth anchor 6”, 8”, or 10” based on the engineer’s specifications.

  • Tie Rod – A ¾” galvanized rod used as a connecting member from the piling to the deadman.

  • Cap – Usually wood or composite decking.